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Whether you are going through a hard time financially, physically or emotionally you have come to the right community. Welcome to PrayerHelps! A global community that cares and prays for another. 

Welcome to prayerhelps!

What is in it for me?

I am not qualified to pray. I don’t believe in God. I have no time to pray. I don’t know how to pray. I hate prayer. I had bad experiences with prayer. I can’t stand religious people.  Why should I pray? Can others pray for me? If you asked one of those questions, you have come to the right place. All of us are busy and have  priorities that overwhelm us in life that we hardly have time to pray. Some of us have no problem paying $10 to a palm reader. Try prayer for free with a PrayerHelps pal and see your life improve


No matter what your situation is God cares for you. God created you for a purpose even though we all live in an imperfect world. If you sometimes feel that you came to this world by accident, God still loves you. Or if you are old and have lost all hope to live. Whatever condition you are in, God can help and wants to give you new life. Even when you have very little hope to live, God does not want you to give up hope. Many have no idea where they go after they die. If you don’t know your end goal it is also hard to know your purpose in life

What is prayer?

Prayer is one of the most important ingredients in life’s journey. Today it is normal to talk to one another on cell phones. The same way humans were originally meant to connect with God. We understand satellites and wireless communication but very little about prayer. Depending on your tradition or family culture you are taught to pray or not pray. Education and upbringing is part of the learning process. Each individual has to learn on their own to pray. Prayer can be done publicly or personally. At PrayerHelps we focus on uplifting and encouraging one another personally. We also help one another learn and mature in prayer and in a personal relationship with God.

‘God is or he is not.’ But to which side shall we incline?…Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is. Let us estimate the two chances. If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager then without hesitation that he is. 

French Mathematician & Physicist Blaise Pascal in Pensées

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

English Poet Lord Alfred Tennyson

Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God.

German Reformer Martin Luther

Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth. Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace. Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.

Prayer from the UPANISHADS

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PrayerHelps is a global community of prayer volunteers that dedicate part of their time to help one another in prayer. Do you like someone to pray for you and your needs? Are you going through a difficult time right now?
Do you know someone who needs prayer right now? No matter what religion or race you belong to feel free to try prayer. PrayerHelps support team genuinely cares for you.

Be specific about your prayer request. By making a specific request you receive a specific outcome in your prayer!

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Anybody is welcome to post prayers. PrayerHelps Care Team take every prayer request seriously. Prayer is FREE! Mark Twain in Huckleberry Finn said, “You can’t pray a lie.” All we ask in return is to be honest while submitting requests.

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How do I Pray?

In Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, prayer is defined as any kind of communication believed to be addressed to a deity. That is the problem. For most of us prayer is a personal thing. They like to keep it private and practice in secret. For some others prayer is something totally foreign. If they don’t believe in God most likely believe in prayer. PrayerHelps community likes to bridge the gap of these two groups and everybody in between after a Biblical model and practical results. Mere theology or doctrine does not bring spiritual reality to light unless added with prayer.Communion with God is one of the surest ways of keeping your mind at peace.

Can I Learn to Pray?

Prayer is not something you can learn overnight. Just like in the case of any language we don’t learn a language without taking time. It is same with prayer. Your prayer language also needs to develop either early on or at some point in your life. Some migrate to other countries later in life and maybe have to learn a new language after they are adults. You learn to pray just like learning to communicate a new language. We can read about prayer, research about prayer, even dream about prayer but until you practice prayer you cannot expect to develop and improve communication with God. Just like language learning is a process so is your prayer life.

Are Prayers Answered?

“Often when I pray I wonder if I am not posting letters to a non-existent address.”
said C. S. Lewis in a letter to Arthur Greeves in 1930. The same C.S Lewis later when he found his relationship with God did not feel the same way. In life’s journey we need to start somewhere. But none of us have a perfect start. According to the Bible all prayers according to God’s will will be answered. God hears all prayers we offer in His name. There is no limitation with our heavenly Father if we desire and are willing to grow. It pleases God’s heart much when He sees us walking in the truth. Jesus on earth had His own will but submitted to the Father’s will. 

Support when not convenient

Sometimes our prayers are not answered. Tragedies occur despite our prayers and our faith. Even the best people with the purest of hearts sometimes suffer horrible losses and grief.

One of the best ways for holding on even when our prayers are not answered is to reach out to others. If your suffering is a burden, reach out to ease that of someone else and bring hope to them. Lift them up so that they will be comforted with the knowledge that they are not alone in their suffering. Offer compassion when you need it. Be a friend when you need friendship. Give hope when you most need it.

Hearing from you will encourage more people to pray. Thus we could better help each other in the pursuit of life! Maybe you are not in a bad shape as some others. You can always pray for a friend who wants to be cared and loved.

If you like to be a Prayer Volunteer click here

When I was growing up and sometimes tortured over my circumstances and my future, the one action other than prayer that seemed to bring me relief was to reach out and do something for another person. The more I dwelled on my own challenges, the worse I felt, but when I changed my focus to serving the needs of someone else, it lifted my spirits and helped me understand that no one suffers alone.

Nick Vujicic

Born with no arms and no legs, Motivational Speaker

Prayer is a sound of heaven

Take a break! Sit back, relax and enjoy the music!

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