Since the dawn of time, humans have been inventing things to improve life on earth. Every day medical science discovers new facts about life. With all the technology available it is still impossible to artificially create another human life.

Life is much more valuable than all human inventions put together. Though humans differ on origin of life, the conception of life and the fact that we are alive today is still a wonder.

There is only one YOU in the entire universe.

The gadgets we use every day are made from the same cast. Artificial things are made based on an archetype and produced on a mass scale. For instance thousands of cars are manufactured each day. Cars do not produce other cars. They are made in a factory according to certain specifications and resemble one another. You are not made like a machine. Living beings are created by means of procreation, an amazing phenomenon that God has established. “God blessed all the plant and animal life to be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:22, 28). Humans give birth to humans and the Bible states that God made us in His own image. Over six billion people live on the face of planet earth today and each individual is distinct from one another. Every human is born into the world with his or her own identity.

Your life is very valuable and precious.

Utmost care is given to save a human life. Best part of human research is dedicated to medicines and sciences that help live longer and healthy. Certainly better healthcare has helped people live longer. People in some countries are fortunate to benefit from better healthcare system than the rest. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for compared to people born in less developed countries. We still complain everyday about things we don’t have.

All of us die one day. With all the advances in sciences death cannot be avoided. People die due to several causes. Some die due to toxins they consume for pleasure. Some others die from accidents which they are not responsible for; maybe an error in mechanism or from another person’s blunder. It is obvious that we live in a world which is not perfect. No human is immune to suffering, sickness or even death. Is God to be blamed for every sickness and suffering on earth? Not at all. The matter of fact is God made no flaws in His creation from day one. After God made the earth, seas, plants, animals and human beings it is written that “And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” (Gen 1:31). Something is missing from what we are originally created to be.

So we blame others or even God. A person with sound mind possibly agrees that there is no human being that is hundred percent flawless. We are imperfect beings and therefore guilty for our bad decisions. All of us have one life to live and we are responsible for our life decisions, big and small.

Even though God is not responsible for our decisions He still cares for you. God created us for a purpose. Maybe you feel you came to this world by accident. Or maybe feel like you wasted your life and have no hope to live a satisfying or longer life. God still loves you. Whatever situation you are going through, God can and is willing to change your life. He wants to give you a new life and forgive your past. This new life was made possible through what Jesus did on Calvary He being sinless died on behalf of our sins. There is no other sacrifice that can be compared to Christ’s. God cares for us so much that He wants to give us a second chance, third chance or maybe a hundredth chance. God does not want to give up on us and we should neither.

God’s solution for human being was not to follow a set of religious rules or rituals. In fact, all religions are man-made. Maybe our upbringing or culture influenced our opinions as to how to reach God. Or maybe other people shaped our understanding about God. People believe what they want and what they are comfortable with. If your faith has to be of any true value it must be based on facts. Suppose you were taking a bus to a certain destination. You would probably have faith that the bus is in good condition and has a trained driver.

If you carefully examine it is not your faith that gets you to your desired destination. Your faith is useful in that it got you on the bus. But what actually gets you to the destination is the integrity of the bus company, driver and the bus condition to run smoothly on the road. Any belief cannot save a person.

What matters is the object or basis for your faith. Are the things you believe in reliable? We live in an imperfect world and Bible states that all mankind has a broken relationship with God. This is caused as a result of our transgression of God’s holy and moral standard (Rom 3:23). Jesus came to deliver and heal us from our present state (Matt 1:21). He did not come to condemn us for our sins (John 3:17). In any court of law, the only way to deal with offense is to recompense fairly. God had to deal fairly for each of our sins and shortcoming by letting Jesus die on the cross (John 1:29). This payoff is available for all humans without bias (John 3:16). All humans are entitled to

Christ’s pardon irrespective of creed, color or culture. However to receive this privilege, one has to personally accept Christ’s forgiveness and His power (John 1:12). You can be going to church for many years and still not experience the healing and restoration or to know this truth. Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). A person who receives Jesus comes to a living relationship with God and enjoys spiritual, emotional and physical healing through His love. Since Christ paid the price on the cross, God’s love and riches to us are provided freely.